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About Élevage SG

Élevage SG is a Boutique Food & Beverage Training and Solutions Provider based in Singapore.

Our aim is to help our clients to elevate their F&B businesses to greater heights through reviews of systems, offerings and staff training.

Founded on 1st September 2019, and rebranded to become Élevage SG on 1st July 2021, it is managed by Daniel Chia, a long-time F&B practitioner and educator, who believes in using and adapting tried and tested methodologies, technologies, tools and applications to get the job done quickly, efficiently, safely and securely.

Élevage SG is an ACRA registered business located in Singapore.

Registered Address: 1 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089109.
ACRA UEN: 53402482C
Retail Liquor License: L/LL/026305/2023/P
Wholesale Liquor License: L/LL/026304/2023/P

Enquiries: info@elevage.sg


What does élevage mean?

Élevage is a French winemaking term used to describe the numerous and sometimes complex steps taken by winemakers to elevate a wine from its raw form at the end of its fermentation, to its finished form prior to bottling. 

It is suggested that the winemakers’ role is rather like that of a loving parent who guides, disciplines, and civilizes the raw young wine that emerges from the fermentation vessel.

“Improvements made through the process of élevage,
will always be worth the effort!”